Real-time charging stations in South Tyrol: all information with one click

Electric mobility is moving up a gear

The charging stations network for electric vehicles in South Tyrol continues to grow. An interactive map shows the majority of the public charging stations, together with important information in real-time.

The map is an important building block for bringing electric mobility even closer to people and inspiring them for this innovative form of mobility. The interactive map is provided by STA – Strutture Trasporto Alto Adige SpA in cooperation with the „Tech Transfer Digital“ of NOI Techpark. Other operators involved are Alperia Smart Mobility, DRIWE, Nevicam, Route220 and the Institute of Innovative Technologies (IIT).

Open Data

The data are available as open data: this means that they can be integrated without any particular limitations in other online platforms and applications. More specifically, the license with which this dataset is made available to third party is the CC0 license.

The initiative is open to all operators that are willing to share their data according to the technical specifications defined by the working group.

Technical details

How to use the data:

  • using a web component – This is the solution for those who want to integrate the interactive map in existing web sites with minimum effort;
  • directly accessing an API – This is the solution for those who want to develop a new application.


The platform was realized with financial support from: